Hiring the right people requires the right information. With our list of employment screening services, you can obtain a complete overview of a candidate's background.


Professional Employment References

This is what makes Lagniappe different from other background companies. We don't just verify dates and titles with human resources. Our experienced staff conducts in-depth telephone interviews with professional references including managers, coworkers and colleagues to determine job duties, job performance, work ethic, strengths and weaknesses, eligibility for rehire and other detailed information.

We address any specific issues or concerns about a particular candidate and tailor our questions to your specific position and company. There is no additional charge for "special" questions. This report provides a realistic assessment of a candidate by someone they have worked with and ensures the best fit for your organization.

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Employment Verification

Our background specialists contact a candidate's three most recent employers to verify dates of employment, positions held, compensation (if available), reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire and other information as available. Information provided varies by company policy.

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County Criminal Search

This is a seven-year search of county-level criminal court records that will yield county felony and/or misdemeanor records for any location the applicant has lived within the past seven years. This is a "hand search" of current court records. We use source data only and do not include third party or compiled databases.

Felonies are generally defined as crimes that are punishable by one year or more of jail time. Misdemeanors are generally defined as less severe charges that are punishable by a fine or less than one year of jail time.

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Statewide Criminal Search

Several states offer Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant statewide repository searches of criminal records. The information provided varies by state. If a "hit" occurs, a county-level search may be required.

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Federal Criminal Search

This search is conducted on federal court records for the conviction of crimes that occurred on federal property and violations of federal law including kidnapping, child pornography, hate crimes, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking and crimes across state lines.

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National Criminal Database Search with Alias & Social Security Number Trace

This is a multi-faceted search that combines the National Criminal search with the known aliases provided from a SSN trace. With a name, date of birth and SSN, we report the state and the approximate date of issuance of the SSN. We then run the SSN through the Death Master Index. Next, we run a SSN trace to obtain a list of alias names, including maiden names. We then use this information to make a final pass through our National Criminal Database.

With this product, you can search more than 300 million criminal database records from a variety of sources including:

  • Select state and county criminal repositories
  • European Union Terrorism Sanctions List
  • FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs – Debarment List
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) - Enforcement Decisions
  • FINRA- Disciplinary Actions
  • Fugitive List
  • Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) - Most Wanted
  • Interpol - Most Wanted
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) - Specially Designated Nationals
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG) - Health & Human Services Exclusion List
  • Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) - Enforcement Actions
  • United Nations - Consolidated Sanctions
  • U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) - Excluded Parties List
  • World Bank - Ineligible Individuals
  • Proprietary record information from previous completed reports

Any potential criminal records may need to be re-verified through the appropriate court. The information provided varies from state to state.

Please note, database searches are a research tool only and under no circumstances should be they a substitute for a hands-on search at the county level; however, they do provide a much wider net than a single county search and you may pick up information that would otherwise be missed. Databases are best used as a secondary research tool that tells you where to look.

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International Criminal Search

Lagniappe offers our customers the ability to conduct international criminal searches. International criminal record searches are typically much harder to obtain than criminal searches conducted in the United States. Each country has different requirements and regulations for conducting the searches. Lagniappe utilizes a worldwide research network to conduct compliant international searches.

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International Global Watch

There are several countries that due to Data Privacy Laws, lack of centralized criminal information and legal access do not allow criminal searches to be conducted. In these cases Lagniappe recommends conducting a Global Watch search.

Global Watch gives you accesses to offline- public, private, proprietary, and restricted-access database sources from around the world. Modules contained within Global Watch searches include: Global Regulatory Authorities Checks, Global Compliance Checks, Financial Crime Investigative Database Search, U.S, European, and Asian Politically Exposed Persons Database Search, Money Laundering, Corporate Scandals and Terrorist Financing Database Search. The inclusion of Global Watch supplements the international background reporting process and helps to mitigate the inaccessibility and inadequacy of traditional criminal court of police record checks.

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Civil Search - County or Federal

Civil searches can be done by county (high court or low court) or federal judicial district. A county level civil case involves one or more plaintiffs filing a complaint against one or more defendants. Civil actions are typically classified by the amount of money sought by the plaintiff.

Federal civil record searches are conducted at a single U.S. District Court within a federal judicial district for civil cases involving alleged violations of federal statutes or constitutional rights brought by individuals, companies or government entities.

Civil actions do not typically list a subject's date of birth or social security number and are generally returned as possible matches only. Typical information provided includes party name, case type, date filed, disposition and awards.

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Credit Report (for Employment)

Lagniappe will furnish a consumer credit report from a national credit-reporting agency. This report summarizes the number of accounts, collection activity, public record filings (such as bankruptcies, judgments or liens), payment history and outstanding delinquencies for an individual. This report is designed for employment purposes only and does not include account numbers or credit score.

A credit report helps determine if an employee is suitable for a position involving the handling of money or the exercise of financial discretion. This may include employees in accounting functions, but may also include employees who are entrusted with a corporate credit card.

Note: A number of states have either passed or are considering passing laws regulating credit reports used by employers for employment purposes. Eight states - California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland and Oregon - have restricted the use of credit histories of applicants and employees. Lagniappe can provide updates and additional information about these matters.

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Identity Verification by Social Security Number

Using credit header information from a major credit-reporting agency, this report provides the names (including additional names or aliases), addresses and reported employment history associated with an applicant's social security number. It helps verify that the applicant is who they say they are. Addresses obtained can be used to expand an applicant's criminal history search. Back to top

Motor Vehicle Report

A driving history is a must for any position that requires an employee to drive a company vehicle or a personal vehicle on the company's behalf. Driver history information varies by state, but typically includes driving history, license type, license status, expiration date, and restrictions, accidents, DUI's or other infractions.

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Education Verification

Lagniappe verifies date of graduation and/or attendance, degree acquired and major course of study.

Studies show that as many as 30% of candidates falsify or exaggerate their educational background. Some applicants claim degrees from legitimate schools while others show degrees from diploma mills or non-accredited schools that have no value. Educational claims should always be verified even if the degree is not required for the position. Confirmation of a degree confirms an individual's honesty.

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Professional License Verification

Lagniappe verifies the type of license or certification through the applicable licensing authority. We confirm type of license, license number, date issued, status, expiration date, plus any history of disciplinary action.

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Drug Screening

Lagniappe partners with ClearStar Logistics, a back office solutions provider to the background screening industry for drug screening. ClearStar's Medical Review Office provides third-party drug testing administration and medical review officer services, alternative specimen testing, alcohol testing and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated drug testing services.

The ClearStar Medical Review Office is currently integrated with 16 certified laboratories and contracted with over 10,000 collection sites. The company utilizes an electronic Custody and Control Form (CCR) that integrates with Lagniappe's background screening system. This process saves time and money by eliminating the traditional paper-intensive drug testing forms.

The average turnaround time is 1-3 business days after the specimen is received

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