Founded in 1993, Lagniappe Resources, Inc. is a woman-owned firm that specializes in comprehensive pre-employment background screening including professional employment references, criminal reports, credit reports, driving reports, verification services and drug screening. Some firms only provide you with information found in public records, but we use background screening data to help our customers make better hiring decisions.

There are a lot of companies that provide background reports - and they do a good job. What makes Lagniappe different is our emphasis on our amazing customer service. Our clients have direct access to people who can help them make informed business decisions. You will not deal with an impersonal call center. Clients deal with staff members who understand their business and its special nuances. We take pride in being readily accessible.

Lagniappe provides a flexible and secure on-line environment for reports. Candidate information can be retrieved via the web or delivered via fax or email. Reports are timely, in-depth and easy to read. We also understand the compliance environment surrounding background checks and help our clients maintain compliance with applicable hiring laws and regulations.