Welcome to Lagniappe Resources, Inc.

The word "Lagniappe" which means "a little bit extra" was used a lot in New Orleans where Founder, Geri Hand, grew up. When you went to the bakery to get a dozen donuts, they would throw in an extra one as "lagniappe."

In 1993, when we were considering possible company names "Lagniappe" felt perfect. This company was created as an alternative to large, one-size-fits-all background screening companies.

Over the years, we have never grown tired of helping our customers pronounce the name or explaining the meaning. We always strive to deliver "a little bit extra" and go the extra mile. Lagniappe is not only the name of our company, its meaning is fundamental to our organization.

We strive to provide to all of our clients:

  • Amazing personal service
  • Customized background reports
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Flexible on-line environment
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations